New Releases 7/3/18

Atlanta (Season 1) – Two cousins, both rappers in Atlanta, face issues of race, class, and family. 

A Wrinkle In Time – Based on the book by Madeleine L’Engle, an adventure about the power of family and love. 

Blockers – Three parent’s mission to stop their daughters from losing their virginity after prom. 

Beirut – Starring Jon Hamm as a diplomat attempting to arrange an exchange with Israeli secret police. 


Chappie Movie Review

Chappie is a sci-fi action film directed by Neill Blomkamp and stars Sharito Copley, Dev Patel, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, and Watkin Tudor Jones and Yolandi Visser of the South African zef rap-rave group Die Antwoord as metafictional versions of themselves. It starts with the police using robots to help stop crime. As a robot is getting sent to be destroyed because of problems with it, a robot programer takes it. He gets kidnapped by criminals and has to teach the robot how to do things with the criminals. The soundtrack features songs from Die Antwoord. It is a fun film that is sad at parts. This film is available at Bedrock and I highly recommend it.  -T Frampton

Studio Ghibli – History & Movie Reviews

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese film animation studio that started in 1985. Since it’s founding it has released many successful films, notably My Neighbor Totoro which became the studio’s mascot and won an Academy Award for best animated feature.

Each Studio Ghibli film has a unique style, but all play with the theme of magical-realism and things that aren’t quite what they seem. With bright colors and lovable characters these films are great for children, and their plots often have deeper meanings for adults as well.

Here is a short review for five of Studio Ghibli’s most popular films.


My Neighbor Totoro – Satsuki and Mei move to a new house in the countryside with their father, and discover the strange spirits that live in the house and surrounding woods.

This film expertly captures the anxiety and excitement of coming to a new home, and the tensions of the family dynamic. But fear not, the drama is spaced around wondrous adventures and feel-good moments with the character that came to represent Studio Ghibli- Totoro!


Kiki’s Delivery Service – This coming of age film follows Kiki, a young witch, and her familiar, a black cat named Gigi, as they travel to a new town and attempt to make a living as is tradition for all young witches. This film is equally heart-warming and funny, and was Studio Ghibli’s first film in their fifteen year partnership with Walt Disney.


Spirited Away – One of the darkest Studio Ghibli films, Spirited Away focuses on Chihiro, a ten year old girl trapped in the spirit world after her parents have been turned into pigs.


Howls Moving Castle – Based on the novel by Diana Wynne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle takes place during a war between two kingdoms. A girl named Sophie is aged into an old woman by a witch, and taken in by a mysterious man named Howl and his moving house.


Ponyo – A small goldfish called Ponyo escapes her father and washes ashore, rescued by a boy named Sōsuke. They become fast friends, but Ponyo’s escape brings a fierce storm that threatens the family and her one wish- to become human.


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New Releases – 5/22/18

Game Night – A couples game night gets out of hand when a murder mystery party turns into a real-life mystery.

I Kill Giants – One teen is all that stands between a small town and a terrifying giant.

Early Man – Two cavemen must gather their tribe to fight against a Bronze Age City

15:17 To Paris – The story of the three people who prevented the Thalys train #9364 terrorist attack.

Daddy’s Home 2 – Sequel to family-centered comedy.

Red Sparrow – Jennifer Lawrence starts in this Russian spy thriller.

Bombshell – Documentary about Hedy Lamarr

Songs My Brothers Taught Me – A look into the lives of a Native American brother and sister.


New Releases 4/24/18

Hostiles – A western set in 1892 staring an Army captain (Cristian Bale), who must escort a Native American war chief (Wes Studi) across the plains. They are joined on their journey by a young widow played by Rosamund Pike.

Paddington 2 – Sequel to the popular family movie about a lovable bear.

New Releases 2/20/18

The Florida Project – This drama film starring WIllem Dafoe and Brooklynn Prince follows the lives of several children as they adapt to their parents’ life choices.

Same Kind of Different as Me – This drama stars Greg Kinnear, Renee Zellweger, and Djimon Hounsou and focuses on the life of a man volunteering at a homeless shelter as a way to make amends after cheating on his wife.