New Releases 5/26

Logan – The latest movie in the X-Men series set in an alternate universe parallel to the main series’ where Logan struggles to survive in his futuristic world.

Get Out – A refreshingly new take on the horror genre that follows one black mans attempt at joining the family of his girlfriend.

The Great Wall – An epic about humanities last attempt at striving behind the worlds most iconic structure.

My Life as a Zucchini – An animated movie about a child in foster care who strives to find his new family and friends.

Prey –  One mans attempt to clear his name of a brutal crime he was framed for to save the life of his daughter.

All the Way – A look into what happened behind the scenes of Lyndon B Johnson’s presidency.


New Releases 5/9

Fifty Shades Darker – The sequel to the popular movie adaptation of the book Fifty Shades of Grey.

Orange is the New Black Season 4 – The forth series of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, about one woman’s journey to survive prison life.

New Releases 5/2

A Dog’s Purpose – A heartfilled story about one devoted dog and his journey to find meaning through his relationships with humans.

I Am Not Your Negro – A unmissable look into black history connecting the civil rights movement to the #BlackLivesMatter, a must see in this political climate.

The Salesman – A married couples moves into new situation that threatens their relationship.

New Releases 4/11

Sing – An Animated movie in which animals compete to win fame and fortune while also saving a local theater in dire straits of closing.

Lion – A touching story of a child’s search to find his place in the world.

Hidden Figures – A touching story about the 3 black women that helped put human kind on the moon. Battling against racism and sexism, these women were instrumental in the success of NASA.

Veep Season 5 – The fifth season of the hit comedy show.

Borja’s Side View Angle Take. Title Fight – Hyperview


I have survived. I am here. Confused, screwed up, but here. And for the first time I indulge in the living proof of what a truly dedicated pop punk acolyte’s dream would be; the band Title Fight’s album Hyperview. Atmospheric whammy bars and gentle vocals drowned in a bittersweet unique melodic post hardcore delicacy catch me off guard. Irresistibly surrendering self-awareness to this explicit work of “guitar music” comes very easily as grooves and rhythms come and go calmly from the speakers, sending me in to an instant recollection of all times rebellious. The destination of this album soars without gravity in an aim that can only be described as monumental.

Your Pal – Borja