Crazy Rich Asians – this romantic comedy with Rachel Chu and Nick Young is based on a novel by Kevin Kwan. The couple go to a wedding in Singapore and meet’s the guy’s family for the first time, hilarity ensues.

Blindspotting – two friends are tested when one is on probation and the other can’t stay out of trouble.

Incredibles 2 – The sequel to the popular incredibles movie from around 14 years ago, this long awaited sequel leaves off exactly where the other one left. Elastigirl attempts to bring awareness to superheroes and make them legal to fight crime again, and Mr. Incredible becomes a stay at home dad.

11/13/2018 releases

Juliet, Naked – A romantic comedy about a woman in a relationship, and how her life changes when her boyfriend releases a hit album.

Who is America – A comedy show that is by Sacha Baron Cohen, maker of Borat, interviews politicians, much to their dismay.

Wonder Wheel – A drama about how four characters lives intersect.

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool – About an actress who while developing a relationship with a younger individual, also develops cancer.

Narcos S3 – The cartel looks to expand it’s operation into american borders, The godfather designs a plan so that the leaders of the cartel can live rich. Unfortunately for them someone inside the group joins the DEA.

The Crown S2- About queen Elizabeth’s life through the 1950’s, And the challenges of world crises, her marriage, and the Monarchy.


Deadpool 2 movie review

Deadpool 2’s intro is reminiscent of the 1st iteration of the series and I’m sure it’s future movies will continue from there. It starts with a very special reminder that this movie is not for kids: or for people who do not appreciate harsh humor, violent violence, or raunchy remarks. The returning actor Ryan Reynolds who is growing more popular as times go on definitely hits the head of how many of us expects a Deadpool character to act. Deadpool enlists others in the movie ranging from some who seem to have completely no traits, and others who have ridiculous ones; to stop the main villains in the movie and save another from becoming one. While the movie has somewhat of an anti-climatic ending, it’s still a movie that the people who can stomach it will enjoy.     -Eric T.

New Releases 8/15

Alien Covenant – A thrilling new story in the alien franchise where the colony ship covenant venture into the dangerous universe cultivating in a thrilling horror

Billions Season 2 – The second season of the popular showtime series about the clash of two powerful men in new York series, a tale of corruption and intrigue

New Releases 7/25

Storks – A funny family movie about a lone stork trying to deliver an baby accidentally made before his boss finds out

Girls Season 6 – The final season of girls, concluding the 6 year story of 20-somethings life in New York

The Expanse Season 2 –  The second season of the sci-fi thriller, it is a visually stunning story of the future

Ghost in the Shell – A reimagining of the classic hit Ghost in the Shell staring Scarlett Johansson

Boss Baby – Alec Baldwin plays the boss baby who takes charge

Gifted – A heartwarming tale of a single father trying to take care of his gifted daughter.

New Releases 7/11

The Zookeeper’s Wife – A story taking place in world war 2 where Antonia Zabinska fights back against the Nazi menace by using her zoos hidden tunnels to save families from the Nazi regime.

The Magicians Season 2 – The second season of the magicians a story about 20-somethings chasing their dreams and finding magic within them, a sort of Harry Potter-esque series for adults.

The Fate of the Furious – The 8th installment in the fast and the furious franchise with the series’s usual action packed car chasing madness.

New Releases 6/27

Power Rangers – A new reimagining of the kids classic power rangers remade for adults that loved it as a kid.

T2 Trainspotting – A drama with Ewen McGregor returning to his old town and reuniting with his buddies from the past.

Chips – Comedy with Dax Shepard and Michael Pena as Highway patrol as a throwback to the chips tv series.

New Releases 6/13

Lego Batman Movie – A different take on the Batman from Lego, a enjoyable and delightfully funny movie.

John Wick Chapter 2 – The second movie in the John Wick series an action movie staring Keanu Reeves

Beauty and the Beast – A live action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast staring Emma Watson as Belle.