New Releases 5/2

A Dog’s Purpose – A heartfilled story about one devoted dog and his journey to find meaning through his relationships with humans.

I Am Not Your Negro – A unmissable look into black history connecting the civil rights movement to the #BlackLivesMatter, a must see in this political climate.

The Salesman – A married couples moves into new situation that threatens their relationship.

New Releases 4/11

Sing – An Animated movie in which animals compete to win fame and fortune while also saving a local theater in dire straits of closing.

Lion – A touching story of a child’s search to find his place in the world.

Hidden Figures – A touching story about the 3 black women that helped put human kind on the moon. Battling against racism and sexism, these women were instrumental in the success of NASA.

Veep Season 5 – The fifth season of the hit comedy show.

Borja’s Side View Angle Take. Title Fight – Hyperview


I have survived. I am here. Confused, screwed up, but here. And for the first time I indulge in the living proof of what a truly dedicated pop punk acolyte’s dream would be; the band Title Fight’s album Hyperview. Atmospheric whammy bars and gentle vocals drowned in a bittersweet unique melodic post hardcore delicacy catch me off guard. Irresistibly surrendering self-awareness to this explicit work of “guitar music” comes very easily as grooves and rhythms come and go calmly from the speakers, sending me in to an instant recollection of all times rebellious. The destination of this album soars without gravity in an aim that can only be described as monumental.

Your Pal – Borja

Ben Zucker’s Confluere

ben-zucker-grey-e1428307366685-1Bedrock is proud to announce that we will be giving away free digital downloads of the piece Confluere, generously donated to us by the exceptionally talented musician, improviser, and composer Ben Zucker. Confluere is a conjugated Latin verb in the present active infinitive form. The word means to flow together with, or assemble. Ben Zucker composed this piece while attending a graduate program in London. He made use of the facilities’ studio and began assembling a work of tracking, layering, and overdubbing. Mr. Zucker plays all the instruments himself and composed the piece by improvising with himself over previous takes, proving that one need not stick with the conventional role of the composer and typical composer practices. It is as though the currents of history converge in a present Confluere, creating a unity out of disparate materials. The music feels like a livelier Morton Feldmon, however, Zucker is creating his own sound, germinating from his own improvisation.

Ben Zucker is an extremely unique individual. He grew up in the Bay Area and studied with the legendary free jazz artist Anthony Braxton as an undergraduate. After spending some time abroad, Mr. Zucker has reintegrated himself into the Bay Area scene and has become a staple in the community.

This download is not to be missed. Confluere gives the listener a window into the sound of contemporary Avante-Garde compositional practices and what the younger musicians are starting to sound like as they grow into maturity. Confluere is an assemblage of all the disparate acts of music making, radiating from Ben Zucker as he presents us with an aesthetic phenomenon that gives rise to the erection of a thing that stands alone while only being able to be through the disparate elements of recorded improve. Due to the almost sentient nature of the piece, Zucker’s album resembles philosopher Deniel Dennett’s theory of consciousness offered in his 1991 book Consciousness Explained. In the book, Dennett argues that there is no mind body dualism, but rather consciousness comes to be after disparate sections of the brain work together in such a way that they give rise to consciousness, even if only as an illusion. Zucker’s own consciousness becomes embedded in Confluere, indicating the process of artistic production and natural production that are more similar than we may initially assume.

I know from speaking with Ben Zucker that he wants people who are interested in what he’s doing to be able to hear his productions. While he (obviously) has an online presence, Zucker was attracted by the novelty of disseminating his music the old fashion way, in a record store. Perhaps it will give rise to a Confluere of consciousness in the Bedrock space, bringing different subjects in our own assemblage, brought together through the curiosity of participating in a new sonic identity shaped by disparate elements. Come soon to claim your free download today as we have a limited number of copies. Bedrock is proud to host this musical experience!

-Benjamin Westfall

Link to Bandcamp