Girls Season 4


Bedrock is pleased to add the fourth season of the HBO television series Girls to our DVD collection. The Show does a fantastic job of capturing what it’s like to be young and out of college in New York City in our contemporary period. Besides the question of how any of these individuals can afford to pay rent in New York, the show does a positive job of exploring the struggle of coming to grips with adulthood and the limitations adult life can bring after the seemingly endless possibility of college.

The season starts with the protagonist Hannah moving to Iowa for a graduate school writing program. While initially the program seems like a good move, Hannah ultimately feels suffocated by the program and must face her limitations as a writer. In the end, she leaves the program and moves back to New York only to find that her boyfriend has moved on to date an interesting, attractive experimental artist. The fault of the show lies in its very appeal. These characters can never really grow up or the show will be over. If Hannah were real it would be quite disappointing to watch her fail at Grad School to return to what’s familiar, but as a viewer one has the expectation that Hannah will stay in New York. If she didn’t, comedy would not ensue. Iowa was an amusing detour, but we need the interactions of all the characters in the epicenter of culture. The interactions the characters have with Hannah’s ex-boyfriend’s, Adam, girlfriend Mimi-Rose at her performance art show are priceless! It captures the ambitions of creative young people to be cultured, compelling, interesting members of society juxtaposed with the reality of how the majority of people (like Hannah) are weirded out and made uncomfortable by those very things that would give them that cultural validation that they are so desperately trying to grasp while grappling with adulthood.

It is also quite amazing to watch the character Shoshanna interview for jobs after graduating college. Her commentary on the process is quite amusing. Lucky for her she is offered a job in Tokyo because the person who currently holds the position is bi-polar and the company is going to let them go, “on their next manic upswing”. The possibilities are limitless for the mentally stable twenty something with a college degree in New York.

Girls is not for everyone. The show has a tendency to stress the awkward factor that some find uncomfortable or tedious. If you’ve ever been to New York though, and are wondering what has happened to the place and the new generation of college educated girls who inhabit it, you might want to give the show a try. See what’s new on the landscape. Bedrock has seasons 1 through 4 so you can start from the beginning!


-Benjamin Westfall


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