Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman

Here at Bedrock we are celebrating the life and works of the recently deceased free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman. We erected a modest CD shrine in honor of this towering figure. We are selling The Shape of Jazz to Come, Free Jazz, and The Complete Science Fiction Sessions. So far we have had a surprising amount of success with our tribute bin, especially considering how refined one’s taste must be in order to fully appreciate Ornette Coleman. This speaks very highly of our customers and we really appreciate your exceptional sense of culture. The only quirk in our tribute seems to be that customers seem perplexed that the album Free Jazz isn’t free. Free Jazz frees your mind, not your wallet. This confusion has probably contributed to the situation of Free Jazz being the only CD of his we haven’t sold. Pity.

While Bedrock is only celebrated Coleman’s life through three CDs at the moment, Coleman has a long and rich discography, which deserves the special attention of any adventurous music fan. Coleman was at the forefront of the Free Jazz movement. In his early efforts with the new genre, such as with The Shape of Jazz to Come, Coleman made a radically different ensemble, forgoing the piano to eliminate any definitive quality of chord changes, giving the soloist greater harmonic freedom. Free Jazz sees the introduction of the Double Quartet, ushering in a powerful cacophony of horns, drums, and bass. The Science Fiction Sessions features the song “What Reason Could I Give” with vocalist Asha Puthli that haunts the listener with its beauty. This is just a small sample, however, of many innovative albums. We encourage our customers to place special orders for any and all Ornette Coleman CDs. One particularly strong CD is Body Meta, an electric guitar album made in the late 70s.

In 2007 Ornette Coleman received the Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement, which speaks to the depths of his work. In 2015, Coleman died of a heart attack. While Coleman has passed on he will live forever here at Bedrock and in the hearts and minds of cultured music consumers like you. – Benjamin Westfall


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