Bjork’s latest album Vulnicura is a triumph of the heart. Having ended her relationship with Matthew Barney, Bjork ventures on a break up record. While centered on loss, the album also represents an enlightened acceptance of one’s place in the universe regardless of emotional circumstance. The heart finds solace within the universal, reconciling the micro with the macro. In the closing track “Quicksand”, Bjork sings, “When she’s broken she is whole, and when she’s whole she’s broken”. These lyrics seem to evoke neutrality in the positive and negative charge of wholeness and brokenness respectively in the atom of the soul. In “Atom Dance” the cosmic unity is brought to the forefront in which the soul radiates on universal wavelengths, in creative motion on the celestial scale. Significantly, “Atom Dance” features vocals by Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons) who had appeared on Bjork’s previous album Volta. Again, the duet seems to embody the interplay between positive and negative, finding solace in a balance between the two poles. While occupying a unique place in Bjork’s oeuvre, Vulnicura seems to recall many previously explored elements cast in a new light. The album is comprised of strings and electronic percussion with a beat that never really drops suspending the listener in a surreal state of anticipation for the suggested other state of consciousness. This is not to say that Bjork doesn’t deliver on a rejuvenated psyche, but rather that the listener is tantalized with the nebulous state of the uncomfortable in between before reaching the balanced closure the album ultimately evokes. This is one of Bjork’s stronger efforts in an already outstanding discography. We are proud to represent the work on both CD and Vinyl. Please treat yourself to an aural feast of great feat and check out this great recording.

– Benjamin Westfall


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