New Releases 11/27/18

Christopher Robin — Living as an adult in London, Mr. Robin gets a visit from Pooh: they set out to find the old crew. Once Pooh and Robin find his old friends they help Christopher find some long lost joy

Heavy Trip – About a band stuck in a small village, they have been playing for 12 years straight without a single gig but when a promoter from Norway for a heavy music festival shows up, they decide nows the time to make a big change.

Searching – The main character searches for clues about his daughters disappearance. He searches her digital footprint: through photos, friends, videos, and clues to find her.

Faces Places – Three professionals travel through rural France and form a friendship.

Sharp Objects – Based on a novel, this thriller is a about a troubled reporter who returns to her hometown. She begins to report on two murders of girls in that area. Praised for it’s dark visuals and atmosphere.



Crazy Rich Asians – this romantic comedy with Rachel Chu and Nick Young is based on a novel by Kevin Kwan. The couple go to a wedding in Singapore and meet’s the guy’s family for the first time, hilarity ensues.

Blindspotting – two friends are tested when one is on probation and the other can’t stay out of trouble.

Incredibles 2 – The sequel to the popular incredibles movie from around 14 years ago, this long awaited sequel leaves off exactly where the other one left. Elastigirl attempts to bring awareness to superheroes and make them legal to fight crime again, and Mr. Incredible becomes a stay at home dad.

11/13/2018 releases

Juliet, Naked – A romantic comedy about a woman in a relationship, and how her life changes when her boyfriend releases a hit album.

Who is America – A comedy show that is by Sacha Baron Cohen, maker of Borat, interviews politicians, much to their dismay.

Wonder Wheel – A drama about how four characters lives intersect.

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool – About an actress who while developing a relationship with a younger individual, also develops cancer.

Narcos S3 – The cartel looks to expand it’s operation into american borders, The godfather designs a plan so that the leaders of the cartel can live rich. Unfortunately for them someone inside the group joins the DEA.

The Crown S2- About queen Elizabeth’s life through the 1950’s, And the challenges of world crises, her marriage, and the Monarchy.


Deadpool 2 movie review

Deadpool 2’s intro is reminiscent of the 1st iteration of the series and I’m sure it’s future movies will continue from there. It starts with a very special reminder that this movie is not for kids: or for people who do not appreciate harsh humor, violent violence, or raunchy remarks. The returning actor Ryan Reynolds who is growing more popular as times go on definitely hits the head of how many of us expects a Deadpool character to act. Deadpool enlists others in the movie ranging from some who seem to have completely no traits, and others who have ridiculous ones; to stop the main villains in the movie and save another from becoming one. While the movie has somewhat of an anti-climatic ending, it’s still a movie that the people who can stomach it will enjoy.     -Eric T.

New releases 11/6/2018

Black K Klansman – This movie from Spike Lee is based on a true story about the first black detective (John David Washington) in Colorado springs, He teams up with a colleague (Adam Driver). They attempt to root out the KKK and stop it’s spread.

Poldark 4th season – The country is in a midst of uncertainty due to the new elections, Poldark takes on Warleggan’s power over Cornwall while maintaining his marriage. Amritage is Still in love with Demelza and is hopeful for their future.

Sorry To Bother You – A movie about the displaced workforce due to capitalism, and greed. Set In an alternative current Oakland. (Lakeith Stanfield) discovers something that will propel him into success.

New Releases 10/9/18

New Releases – October 9

Solo : A Star Wars Story – Follow Han Solo and his new friend and copilot, Chewbacca through a series of daring escapades. This epic adventure aboard the Millenium Falcon will change the fate of the galaxy.

Skyscraper – A daring action film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who plays a security official for skyscrapers. While working in the tallest building in the world he, encounters trouble and must escape with his family.

Dark Money – A political thriller, documentary tracces the influence of untraceable money on American elections and the real life impacts of corruption within government.

The Tunnel : Vengeance – Season 3  – Karl and Elise take on the question what is life worth. They are forced to take on an impossible choice that will haunt us viewers. Set in England, PBS.