Borja’s Side View Angle Take. Title Fight – Hyperview


I have survived. I am here. Confused, screwed up, but here. And for the first time I indulge in the living proof of what a truly dedicated pop punk acolyte’s dream would be; the band Title Fight’s album Hyperview. Atmospheric whammy bars and gentle vocals drowned in a bittersweet unique melodic post hardcore delicacy catch me off guard. Irresistibly surrendering self-awareness to this explicit work of “guitar music” comes very easily as grooves and rhythms come and go calmly from the speakers, sending me in to an instant recollection of all times rebellious. The destination of this album soars without gravity in an aim that can only be described as monumental.

Your Pal – Borja

Ben Zucker’s Confluere

ben-zucker-grey-e1428307366685-1Bedrock is proud to announce that we will be giving away free digital downloads of the piece Confluere, generously donated to us by the exceptionally talented musician, improviser, and composer Ben Zucker. Confluere is a conjugated Latin verb in the present active infinitive form. The word means to flow together with, or assemble. Ben Zucker composed this piece while attending a graduate program in London. He made use of the facilities’ studio and began assembling a work of tracking, layering, and overdubbing. Mr. Zucker plays all the instruments himself and composed the piece by improvising with himself over previous takes, proving that one need not stick with the conventional role of the composer and typical composer practices. It is as though the currents of history converge in a present Confluere, creating a unity out of disparate materials. The music feels like a livelier Morton Feldmon, however, Zucker is creating his own sound, germinating from his own improvisation.

Ben Zucker is an extremely unique individual. He grew up in the Bay Area and studied with the legendary free jazz artist Anthony Braxton as an undergraduate. After spending some time abroad, Mr. Zucker has reintegrated himself into the Bay Area scene and has become a staple in the community.

This download is not to be missed. Confluere gives the listener a window into the sound of contemporary Avante-Garde compositional practices and what the younger musicians are starting to sound like as they grow into maturity. Confluere is an assemblage of all the disparate acts of music making, radiating from Ben Zucker as he presents us with an aesthetic phenomenon that gives rise to the erection of a thing that stands alone while only being able to be through the disparate elements of recorded improve. Due to the almost sentient nature of the piece, Zucker’s album resembles philosopher Deniel Dennett’s theory of consciousness offered in his 1991 book Consciousness Explained. In the book, Dennett argues that there is no mind body dualism, but rather consciousness comes to be after disparate sections of the brain work together in such a way that they give rise to consciousness, even if only as an illusion. Zucker’s own consciousness becomes embedded in Confluere, indicating the process of artistic production and natural production that are more similar than we may initially assume.

I know from speaking with Ben Zucker that he wants people who are interested in what he’s doing to be able to hear his productions. While he (obviously) has an online presence, Zucker was attracted by the novelty of disseminating his music the old fashion way, in a record store. Perhaps it will give rise to a Confluere of consciousness in the Bedrock space, bringing different subjects in our own assemblage, brought together through the curiosity of participating in a new sonic identity shaped by disparate elements. Come soon to claim your free download today as we have a limited number of copies. Bedrock is proud to host this musical experience!

-Benjamin Westfall

Link to Bandcamp


Nellen Dryden Concert & CD



On her debut full-length release, Little Stray Hearts, Nellen Dryden and her cohorts create a dazzling song cycle on the themes of love and death. This is a country record, full of pedal steel guitar and story telling. If one knows anything about Dryden’s musical background, however, the country tinge might come as a surprise. Dryden cut her teeth in high school and at Sarah Lawrence College playing soul, blues, and jazz. As a testament to her talent, Dryden seems equally comfortable in the country genre as she did in the genres in which she developed. This seemingly newfound sound was actually a return to the country music Dryden’s father played for her as a child.

Dryden’s voice has all the power of her soul roots, but as she engages in the storytelling of the country genre she creates clarity of consciousness concerned with life’s big themes. On the song “Me and My Buffalo Bill” Dryden imagines what it would be like to be a girl in love with a heroic figure. On “Back You Go” Dryden explores the death of a grandmother. These ventures into love and death illustrate the range of Dryden’s talents. While Dryden has always had a scorching voice, with this collection Dryden more than proves herself as a songwriter.

On November 19th, Bedrock Music & Video is proud to invite Nellen Dryden to perform an in store concert. The show starts at noon and goes until 2pm. Peoples Westfall will open the show for their second appearance at Bedrock. Nellen Dryden will headline, supported by her guitar player and co-arranger Jules Belmont. They are coming all the way from Nashville, Tennessee. Potential audience members have a unique opportunity to hear Nellen Dryden in her authentic form. While Dryden was developing these songs in New York before moving to Nashville, they were often arranged for Nellen Dryden and Jules Belmont to perform as a duo (as opposed to the fuller band that appears on the recording). Bedrock patrons will have a chance to see some very talented musicians playing in an intimate setting in an authentic context.

Little Stray Hearts is such a strong album that we sold out of all of our copies at Bedrock. Buy a copy directly from Nellen Dryden herself on the 19th! We hope this concert allows us to create an opportunity for Bedrock customers to get in on an exciting new artist that is Nellen Dryden.

-Benjamin Westfall

Deadpool Review


Deadpool – Action/Comedy                                                              (9/10)


This movie is the best Marvel movie to come out in quite some time, Captain America Civil War included. Despite being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (albeit in the Sony version without the Avengers and focusing more on the mutants and X-men), this movie is not for children due to over-exaggerated violence and profane language. Any adults that find themselves drawn to Marvel movies should definitely give this a watch. The story line is non-linear most of the movie, flashbacks and background exposition in a quite entertaining way. Unlike Suicide Squad, the exposition is made in a comedic and tasteful way.

The main character, Wade Wilson, known as Deadpool later in the movie, is quite an in-depth and deep character. He still makes poop jokes and is childish, but in a very adult and mature way. His depth isn’t cheapened by his quips and in some ways his jokes are what makes his character so unique.

The other characters are portrayed in relation to Deadpool, but not in a way that makes them 2 dimensional flat characters. Each character has a different and distinct personality that gives them, while not each having their own story arch, their own character development. The characters interact with Deadpool and each other in a very authentic way that has a fair bit of realism that draws you into the story naturally.

With a wink to the audience, the dialogue and humor makes this movie quite a unique and a must watch. The violent scenes are completely over the top with their brutality and gore, similar to Quentin Tarantino’s films, but in a way that is comedic and not as harsh and serious as you might expect. With every shot of a gun, Deadpool manages to portray the violence as an extension of both his proficiency with weapons and the comedic nature of his character making it quite spectacular, if you can handle a fair amount of gore.

I would say this movie is a must see for anyone that wants a refreshing new look on action movies with a heavy emphasis on comedy (unlike the other X-men movies from this cannon). For those who have read any Deadpool comics (such as myself) this movie is an absolute dream. Deadpool with all his quirks, forth wall breaking, bad to the bone, anti hero has come alive from the comic books in full cinematic glory.

All and all I give Deadpool a nine out of ten, a must see masterpiece (at least by now-a-day standards). Definitely worth your time if you are an action or Marvel fan and I would say still worth your time if you are not one. I highly recommend renting and seeing the movie yourself.


-Nigel Smikle


Prince Catalogue


At Bedrock, we are all very saddened by the passing of the monumental musician Prince. Both an exceptional songwriter and virtuoso of the guitar, as well as many other instruments, Prince leaves quite a vacancy in his absence from the world. Primarily known for the electrifying performances of his live shows, the artist leaves behind the residue of his recorded catalog, which is full of idiosyncrasies, brilliant creativity, and fun. Upon Prince’s death many of our customers have expressed interest in familiarized themselves with Prince’s work, a daunting task considering that he was consistently releasing material for almost forty years (not to mention the colossal amount of unreleased work). Part of the joy of going through Prince’s catalogue is that it’s all actually exceptional and worth hearing (assuming you are a Prince fan). At Bedrock we are committed to hunting down as much of the Prince catalogue as is available and presenting it to you for you consumption.

A good place to start is the three CD set The Hits/B sides. The album is comprised of two discs worth of hit singles (some of which do not appear on any other albums) and a disc of B-sides that are very compelling and aren’t available anywhere else. This CD is a great introduction to Prince’s world and contains essential tracks, which are exclusive to this release.

If a listener is hoping to get a little deeper into Princes music I suggest that the start combing through Prince’s iconic 80’s releases. Check out Dirty Mind, Controvery, 1999, and Purple Rain. These are the most commercial albums and cemented Princes reputation as an ingenious innovator.

After getting the classics go back to the beginning where it all started in the 70’s with Prince’s first two albums For You and Prince, fantastic releases in themselves despite the fact that Prince is still in a state of becoming.

Next fill out the rest of the 80’s and early 90’s with classics that that Prince made while already established as an artist to watch. Start with the masterpiece Sign “O” The Times (a digestible double album). Get Parade, Diamonds and Pearls, The symbol album from when he changed his name. Also try and grab the epic albums Emancipation and Crystal Ball, both whopping three disc albums without a dull moment on them. Crystal Ball is particularly notable for the superb fourth bonus disc it comes with, The Truth.

Once you’ve rounded out your classic Prince add some of his more contemporary work. Check out The Rainbow Children, Musicology, 3121, and finally obtain the most recent Prince releases Hit ‘n’ Run Phases 1&2, a fitting finale to a rich full career.

Prince has an exceptional and lengthy catalogue but hopefully one can wade their way through the immense quantity of material and discover the greatness in this artist. The one’s I have mentioned are just an introduction and any other Prince albums not included in this write up are not bad albums by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just hard to digest such an enormous output of material all at once.

Painting With – Animal Collective

Painting With

Animal Collective’s new album Painting With is a triumph. For those familiar with the group, Painting With will come across as a more urban feeling version of the band’s classic effort Merriweather Post Pavilion (a more pastoral affair). Part of the reason for this distinction between urban and pastoral comes with the subject matter of the respective albums. For instance, Merriweather Post Pavilion takes it’s name form an outdoor concert venue in Maryland. The album is about being outside with friends and the interrelationship of egos in nature. Painting With, on the other hand, is concerned with the more synthetic project of art, for example painting. The tour that Animal Collective is undergoing now boasts an incredible set design in which the stage and musicians are constructed to resemble a painting in the modernist style. It is a visually stunning event as well as an auditory one.

What becomes of interest in Painting With is the relationship of art objects (synthetic things) to viewers. Indeed, it seems these synthetic things have a natural relationship to the viewer as well despite being objects of construction. It follows that synthetic objects like art have a real place in the natural ecosystem despite being removed from it and can consequently effect the environment external to it. That’s why the album is called Painting With, because the painting is painting with the viewer reminiscent of the ideas of John Dewey’s Art as Experience.

The album is very much concerned with the ecosystem. References to dinosaurs evoke a fear of extinction and our own-shared experience fading into the past. There is also reference to episodic experience felt in serial formats like television and pop music. “Recycling” closes the album, pleading with the viewer to do all that can be done to preserve this experience. For Animal Collective it seems as though art as an aesthetic object can be employed to preserve the greater object it is encompassed in, nature. Have an aesthetic experience with the object today either on Vinyl or CD at Bedrock. We also encourage you to experience Animal Collective live. Preserve the experience!


-Benjamin Westfall


New Releases 3/29/2016

New this week at Bedrock:

Concussion: Will Smith stars in Concussion, a dramatic thriller based on the incredible true David vs. Goliath story of American immigrant Dr. Bennet Omalu, the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE, a football-related brain trauma, in a pro player and fought for the truth to be known. Omalu’s emotional quest puts him at dangerous odds with one of the most powerful – and beloved – institutions in the world. With captivating performances by Alec Baldwin and Academy Award® nominee Albert Brooks (1987 Best Supporting Actor, Broadcast News).

The Hateful Eight: During a post-Civil War Wyoming winter, a stagecoach bearing a bounty hunter (Kurt Russell), his foul-mouthed prize (Jennifer Jason Leigh), an ex-Union officer (Samuel L. Jackson) and a lawman (Walton Goggins) makes it’s way towards Red Rock. The worsening snows force them to shelter at a general store occupied by a caretaker (Demian Bichir), a cowboy (Michael Madsen), Red Rock’s hangman (Tim Roth), and an aged Confederate general (Bruce Dern). As the blizzard traps them within─possibly with no escape─resentments, greed, and hidden agendas emerge that might destroy them before the elements do, in Quentin Tarantino’s moody and stylish sagebrusher.